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Upload an OST File

1. Using either the sidebar navigation or the link on your dashboard, click on Upload OST File.

2. You will be brought to a page from the old Partner Portal. Click Choose File to locate the file you wish to upload. Once chosen, click Upload File.

3. View your upload history to verify your upload status in the table under File Status. If failed, create and upload a new file.  You can click Details to see data.

Special Notes about Uploading an OST File:

  1. Each time a data file is received at OCAS, an email confirmation is sent to the email contact located in the T1 heads of the file.
  2. It is important that a school corrects all errors (if applicable) in their own student information system first before creating and uploading a new file to OCAS.
  3. For reporting purposes, successfully processed records are NOT displayed on the Upload Report.
  4. A glossary of error messages can be found here: